How To Start A Nursing Consultant Business

Let us start with an explanation of what nursing consultancy is. Nursing consultancy is the offering of services for those who wish to become nurses. These services are many, though not all nursing consultants or consultancy companies will have all these services.

Services include guidance, training or introduction to trainers, international application assistance, and even tutorials and courses preparatory to licensure exams. Given the wide range of services, it is easy to see why starting a nursing consultant business is a challenge.

If you plan to have many services, then your best bet is to do it as a team-based effort. You will need many people of different backgrounds to handle services appropriate to their knowledge and skills. Additionally, you need to make your system streamlined and easy to follow.

In guidance services, you will be offering help to those who want, or think they want to take up nursing. Nursing can be rather taxing, physically, mentally, and psychologically, and not everyone is prepared to deal with that. These guidance counselors can assess an applicant’s mental and psychological readiness for a career in nursing, and then give them information on how to go about it. Also, if at any time the nurse-to-be is confused or does not know what to do, guidance helps get him or her back on the right track. These counselors can also identify what the strengths and weaknesses of the nurse are, so they can make recommendations as to what specialized field of nursing the nurse or nurse-to-be should take.

Training can be done by the consultancy company or outsourced to a training company or school. Either way, you need trainers who have deep and broad knowledge of nursing concepts and application, to ensure your trainees get the best learning experience. A good guideline is to look for registered nurses who scored well on their licensure exams and who have a few years of experience in actual practice. These trainers should also be able to speak well in a teaching setting, which is quite different from normal nursing work settings.

International application assistance services will require someone who is knowledgeable in the requirements of the different countries you plan to handle applications for. The requirements are not the only thing this person needs to know — your handler or handlers for these tasks should have in-depth knowledge of the application procedures and technicalities. This gives them the edge they need to provide the best assistance for nurses and nurses-to-be who wish to apply for training or even work abroad.

Tutorials and exam preparatory courses require specialized trainers with extremely in-depth knowledge of the topics, if not complete knowledge. The deeper the knowledge of your trainers in their specializations, the better the students and trainees can prepare for the exams. Again, scores in specific areas of licensure exams will be the guide here.

Finally, you will need a space to conduct business. Depending on your range of services, your offices might be small to large. Training and preparatory courses will require large rooms, while guidance and tutorial services will require several smaller rooms, with larger waiting areas. Just keep in mind the comfort of your customers, and you’ll do fine. Don’t forget to apply for the appropriate licenses!

How Can A Seo Consultant Help Your Business?

1. How long will it take me to get a decent SERP on Google for this keyword?
2. Is this business looking viable to you?
3. Do I have a lot of competition in this online business
which I am starting and how can I compete effectively with them?
4. How can I make the most out of my marketing efforts?

Some excellent SEO consultants can even answer these questions:

1. Should I buy a used domain in order to rank high really quick?
2. How is my competitor ranking on the top with half the links that I have?

3. Should I continue this business or start over in a new niche?

The point of the whole article is simply that SEO consultants can save you a lot of time and money in the long-run. So, instead of using trial-and-error in trying to market different things online, it would be much better to make a one-time investment and ask your SEO guy all these questions.

Some established SEO consultants charge upwards of $500 per hour, which might sound like a lot of money, but spending a good amount on SEO consultation can really help you get the facts together for your business.
by SEO Consultancy Services

Legal Consultant In Costa Rica – A Costa Rica Abogado

A legal consultant in Costa Rica is called an abogado. This is the term for lawyer in this Central American country. You should learn as much Spanish as you can so that it will be easier to understand the terms that are used in Costa Rica, if you are not already familiar with this language. However, you can find a Costa Rica abogado who speaks English well and will be able to help you with any legal issues you have in Costa Rica.

Because there are so many investment opportunities in Costa Rica, there are a great deal of companies who are seeking to open businesses in this part of Central America. The land is well priced and the climate is wonderful all year long. It is warm and inviting in Costa Rica, which makes it an ideal place for vacation or travel. Many companies are opening up resorts, bed and breakfast hotels, as well as spas in Costa Rica. In order to do this, however, you need to have the advice of a legal consultant in Costa Rica.

A Costa Rica abogado has a vast knowledge of Costa Rica law and will be able to help you with your legal issues. If you are looking for legal advice in Costa Rica, for whatever reason, you need to seek out an attorney who understands the law. You should not rely on your law firm in the United States or other country to help you in these matters as they are most likely not aware of the law in Costa Rica.

If you are considering any type of business venture in Costa Rica, go online and seek out a legal consultant in Costa Rica who will be able to help you with your venture. They should be able to answer your questions regarding opening a business in this country, buying property or any tax issues that you may have. If you are planning on opening a business in Costa Rica, then your Costa Rica abogado will be able to advise you on employment law in the country. It is important to get as much legal information as you can before you consider opening up a business in Costa Rica.

Your Costa Rica abogado will be able to advise you on tax issues as well as other legal issues when it comes to your Costa Rican business. If you are planning on developing property in this country, which many developers are considering because of all the undeveloped land, then your Costa Rican attorney will be able to help you with that matter as well. No matter what type of business advice you seek, you can find a legal consultant in Cost Rica who will be able to help you.

Developing property and opening a business in Costa Rica is not much different than anywhere else. It is prudent for any business owner to take the advice of legal consultant in Costa Rica before embarking on any investment or business opportunity so that they will be doing everything within the means of the law.

What Can You Expect From the Business Consulting Process?

Consulting firms are getting popular now. Top dollars are being paid to these firms to come up with business recommendations and suggestions to prop up and improve the business management styles and decision-making processes. The role of the business consulting firm varies depending on the real needs and requirements of the company. But there’s one link that connects all these services and this link is common to all providers of these services- all these providers will get to know and understand the business.

Though there’s market for this kind of business and a number of businesses that tap the services of the professionals, still there are some people and businesses that don’t get the process and principle behind business consulting for best business practices. Getting confused with the services of a consulting firm is understandable but if you are in the business sector whether as a business owner or as a manager, it’s best to be aware of what business consulting is and the typical process that gets into the picture. The common understanding is that a consulting firm will take a look at the business and from there recommendations are forwarded. Though this is true, still it should be kept in mind that there are four more major steps that come in between these two. Here’s one look at consulting using a six-step process.

Step one is learning about the business. This is a given and a must for consulting. The consultant should have a good understanding of the business, from its operations to needs before recommendations can be drafted. Different consulting firms will have different approaches in doing this step. One approach is to take survey the business and interview key people in the organization. A survey will involve a tour of the office or plant to learn about the business. Interviews will be given as well to understand the products or services and to learn about management styles and the decision-making process.

Step two is to find the problems of the business. The problems that will be listed are not just the ones that are seen and observed by the business owners or employees rather the consultant will also find these problems from the consultant’s perspective.

Step three is the identification of opportunities. The principle behind consulting is that for every identified problem, there’s an opportunity waiting to be tapped. These opportunities should be discovered not just by the consultant but by the business owner as well.

Step four in business consulting is analysis. This step calls for the consulting company to analyze and study. This is the part where the problems and opportunities will be reviewed, and a listing will be made stating the problems and opportunities that will be prioritized. Future problems will be identified a well by the consultant. The analysis that can be provided by the consultant will also result to delivery of conclusions and these are all based on verifiable facts and figures.

Step five is the provision of solutions based on the problems and the facts provided. A good business consultant should offer a game plan to the business owner or managers that they can follow. The recommendations that can be made by the consultant will definitely help the company change the business management direction or improve on it.

Step six is the receipt of the feedback and adjusting the plan or strategies if necessary. Right after the submission of recommendations and conclusions to the business, the next step considered by many consultants is to let the business grow and see from a distance while the company makes use of the designed plan. By observation, the consultant should note some changes or issues that may have crop up along the way. This is also the time when the business owner or manager will also offer some feed back about the plan. Based on the feedback provided, the business consultant can do the necessary adjustment to improve or change the game plan.

Different consulting firms will have their own ways of undertaking the consulting business, but you can be sure that some of these steps will be reflected in their own approaches as well. At the end of the day, business consulting is about knowing the business and recommending solutions.

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What to Expect From a Business Consultant Offering Business Management Recommendations

It seems that almost everyone knows someone who is considered as a consultant. Just take the case of internet marketing and doing business online. If you check out some sites that offer these services and search engine optimization, you will find out a huge amount sites and personalities offering their services for a fee just to help others start-up their business. There’s a consultant for almost everything- you can count on a consultant for SEO, for start-up tech businesses or for network marketing.

Some personalities and sites may have abused the term but still one cannot deny the services and the benefits of tapping the services of business consulting and the business consultants. Business consulting can help re-direct the direction of the business, help others start their own business or simply help you discover new best business approaches and strategies. If you are looking to start up your own business or just wanting to boost your business’s stock, you too can get the services of the consultants that offer you ways to improve your business management skills and practices. The services are valuable but don’t just sign up with one without knowing the basic services that can be offered by the pros. Here are some of the basic services that you can expect from business consultants.

Business consultants will get to know your business. This is an important step in consulting, and you can expect as well that the professionals will do the same to you and your business. The consultant will exhaust all means and tools to learn more about the business. Of course, they can’t come up with sensible recommendations if they don’t know a thing about the business. The consultant will take time to learn about you and the business. Since you are the business owner, then the consultant will take the opportunity to spend more time with you. Once the consultant has understood the business, then it’s time that they can give recommendations for the business.

The consultant will also find problems and opportunities on the business. Once the consultant understood the business, then you can expect that they will come up with a SWAT analysis of the business. This means coming up with the problems and opportunities for the business. The identification of the problems and the opportunities will be a 2-prong approach. On one end, you can come up with your own listing of problems and opportunities for your business as you see it. The business consultant will also try to come up with its own listing of problems and opportunities from his own perspective. The consultant will bring a fresh take on the problems and opportunities of the business, and you can take advantage of this. Though you as the owner may know the business well owing to your years of experience in directing the business, still a fresh take on things will certainly help.

A business consulting company can also offer an analysis that can help tweak business management direction. After the observation and analysis, the next step for the professionals is to analyze all of these. The analysis will involve a check of the facts and figures, and from here conclusions and recommendations will be generated. The consultant will generally look at the business at the micro level yet will offer decisions and recommendations while taking a look at the business at the macro level. This is the common limitation of many business owners as they look at the business at a micro level every time. The consultant will attempt to change all that by incorporating a macro look at the business enterprise.

You can also expect that the consultant will interact and listen to your needs and wants. This is a necessary need so that the consultant can get a better picture of the business. It is imperative that the consultant will interact with the important members of the business and to listen to your complaints, needs and wants. The business plan is never considered complete if this is not done in consultation with the important members of the business or company.

There may be other services that can be expected from the consultants, but you can expect these listed above as examples of their services that can help promote best business practices.

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ABSA, by Design Partnership

If you have ventured to the brand new Mall of Africa you may have seen the new ABSA bank branch, which is creating quite a stir with the images and video that are doing the rounds on social media. This is actually an ongoing project by global design, strategy & build company, Design Partnership.
This project is headed up by creative director Yatish Narsi, who immediately explains that this is in no way an interior design project but rather a continual work in progress.

Images all courtesy of Design Partnership & ABSA.
Images all courtesy of Design Partnership & ABSA.

We asked Narsi to go into more detail and explain what exactly he means by this as well as what the three key objectives are which are driving this new banking experience.

The branch is dead. Long live the branch.

Advances in mobile banking have threatened the current use cases for the physical. However, retail globally has shown that maintaining physical presence is key to any retail strategy. Even online only-offers like Amazon, Warby Parker and Birchbox are moving aggressively into physical channels. The question we’re asking at Absa is not do we need branches, but what is the step change in customer engagement and experience that we can now deliver if we free our banking halls of the mundane ‘bank visit’? Mobile won’t replace physical, it will enable it to evolve.

A new approach to engaging and problem solving.

Images all courtesy of Design Partnership & ABSA.
Images all courtesy of Design Partnership & ABSA.
Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So to tackle this exciting and complex problem we knew we needed a new way to engage it. Virtual reality, 3D-printed modules and furniture pieces, animations and augment reality are all being used to engage various stakeholders in the bank, bringing the problems to life so we can all input. This helps us literally experience the environment before it’s built so we can all provide meaningful input around customer experience.

The variable outlet approach

Given the mix of customer profiles, environments and needs, this journey is best viewed as exactly that. Mall of Africa is not a solution, it’s merely the start of our journey. All the furniture and engagement spaces are mobile and can be moved around virtually overnight. We can respond to customer needs quickly and proactively.

It means we can also test new ideas.
Like a foosball table and arcade machines to reduce perceived wait times and turn waiting into play time.
Queue benches as opposed to rails, so we can get our customers to stay comfortable.
Private offices on castors, so we can move them around as we need.

Nobody can say for sure what the bank of the future is, so we have built agility and flexibility into this design to help us engage customers and figure out the future together.

Everything to know about adding videos to your blog

Looking for a way to step up your blogging game? If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to start adding videos. If you take a look around at the most popular bloggers, including many who you likely follow or look to for inspiration, they’re creating videos to go with their conventional written content.
Still not convinced? Consider your social media feeds. All of those makeup tutorials, cooking clips, and interviews that show up? They’re from bloggers who are harnessing the power of video.

Everything to know about adding videos to your blog
© Michael Heim via 123RF

The benefits of adding videos to your blog

So what is it about videos on blogs that are so compelling?

• In today’s competitive online world, being a successful blogger and creating a money-making website is almost entirely based on your ability to build a relationship with your audience. That’s one of the biggest factors that sets successful bloggers apart from those site owners that relatively quickly disappear. What better way to develop or reinforce a relationship with your audience than through videos? You can put a face to your words, and people feel like they’re able to get to know you in a way they can’t do entirely through written blogs alone.

• It adds another dimension to your site as well. Some people don’t like to read blog posts, but you can reach them another way: through videos. This is just giving your potential audience a different avenue to connect with you, which can serve to grow your traffic. Also, it gives people options. For example, one day they might want to read your most recent post, and another they might just feel like watching a video. You’re giving them choices, and people like options. It takes your blog from being simplistic and one-dimensional to a hub for content.

• As mentioned above, videos can be great for reaching people on social media. Videos are perfect modes for sharing on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. You’ll improve your engagement and reach if you can make some great videos and have people start sharing them on your blog’s social media channels. Videos also tend to be a good route to create viral marketing content.

• Videos can help you define your brand as a blogger. Your written content should have a distinctive voice and style, but your videos can further solidify that, and branding is essential to successful blogging.

Tips for creating videos

So maybe you’re now convinced that videos could be a worthwhile addition to your blog. Your next question might be how to make it happen. How do you start making videos that will resonate with your audience if it’s new territory for you as a blogger?

Below are some guidelines you can use as you get started.

1. Organise your thoughts

When you’re adding videos to your blog for marketing purposes or just to enhance the overall feel of your site, you want to create posts that, just like your written content, are relevant and valuable to your audience.

To do this, it’s a good idea to have an overview of what you’ll talk about before you start recording. You don’t want a script, because that will sound forced and robotic in most cases, but you should have a general outline of the main points you want to make.

You want to have your points organised in a way that flows logically from start to finish. If you just wing it without an outline, it might turn out okay, but it might also sound like a jumbled mess of thoughts with no clear purpose.

2. Answer audience questions

One of your first questions you might have about creating videos for your blog is what to talk about. Before you create any videos, look through common questions you’ve had from your readers, and try to choose topics based on these.

As is always being pointed out, one of the essential elements of creating a successful money-making blog is the ability to deliver value to your audience, so by using videos as a unique, personable way to answer their real questions, you’re doing just that.

3. Create content that works together

You want your videos and written content to work well with one another, and you want to cross-promote. What this means is consider doing videos that are tied to your written blog posts. This way, there’s a sense of cohesion, your content is building on one another, and you can use videos to direct people to your posts and vice versa.

One example of how you might make this work is to create a blog post briefly answering a common question your readers have, and then creating an in-depth tutorial that goes into a further explanation of how readers can solve that particular problem.

Another option is to reuse your blog posts and turn them into videos. Choose some of your best and most popular evergreen content and use it as a foundation for excellent videos. It will save you time and give you the opportunity to use your best work to appeal to new site visitors.

4. Choose the right environment

You don’t have to buy super expensive camera or sound equipment to make a great blog video, but you do need to be careful with the setting. You want to choose a place to shoot your video where the background noises are limited, and the lighting is good. Your audience needs to be able to see and hear you, and if the sound quality is bad, it’s going to turn them off immediately.

You can use something as simple as the HD video recorder on your iPhone and the microphone on your phone may even be sufficient if you choose a place with no background noise and good natural lighting. You may have to test a few locations before finding the perfect one.

5. Experiment

It can take some time to develop your video blog formula to match your style and goals, and what your audience is looking for. You’ll likely need to experiment with a variety of factors including your personal tone and style, the length of your videos, and the style, for example, whether they’re primarily tutorials or just for fun and entertainment.

Once you find that formula, it will become easy to continue creating compelling videos to build your blog and your audience.

[Biz Takeouts Lineup] 178: “Build your Business” training and leadership development course

On the next Biz Takeouts Marketing & Media radio show on Thursday, 23 June 2016, from 9-10am, show host Warren Harding takes a look at MI-Ashanti International (Pty) Ltd, a 21C business solutions, training and education company who will be piloting an eight week short course at Vega School in Cape Town from 2 July to 20 August 2016.
[Biz Takeouts Lineup] 178: “Build your Business” training and leadership development course
The company’s vision is to play an active social and economic role in the local and global market to reduce the failure rate of start-up entrepreneurs and enable a higher percentage of start-up entrepreneurship success.

We host Wendy van Schalkwyk, CEO and founder of MI-Ashanti International. She’s an entrepreneur, business consultant and has an international masters in business with Business School Netherlands.

The Global Economic Monitor (2015) confirms that 90% of start-ups fail within the first two-three years largely due to personal reasons, lack of effective business and funding models.

Tune into Biz Takeouts every Thursday from 9am-10am live from the 2oceansVibe Radio studio in Cape Town as we discuss the topics that matter in Marketing & Media.

How Utility Sales Tax Consultants Can Help You

Iowa utility sales tax consultants offer a variety of services to parties both commercial and residential. To better understand what their services are and why they may be of service to you, read this beginner’s guide to better understanding utility sales tax and the consultant’s role.

Do I Have to Pay Taxes on My Utilities?

Utilities typically include water, sewer, trash, electricity, natural gas, steam, and telephone services. Utilities are often taxable because your state has either stated that they’re taxable or has defined utilities as being physical personal property.

Some utilities are taxable while others are not. Water and sewer are usually not taxable, whereas resources such as electricity and natural gas are almost always taxable. Telephone services are usually taxable but are also tied up in a whole separate branch of additional tax laws.

Are There Any Exemptions?

Depending on your location and the type of facility that will be employing the utilities, you may qualify for some exemptions.

• Manufacturing and business: If you are in the manufacturing business, there will usually be exemption laws that may extend to exemptions on utilities. You may be able to ride off certain utilities on your taxes when using them for business purposes.

• Residential: In some areas, utility taxes can be exempt when they are purchased for residential purposes. Sometimes these exemptions are seasonal. For example, the extension may extend from November to April (the heavy usage months).
The best way to determine if you qualify for an exemption is to have a consultation with your utility sales tax consultant.

What Can a Utility Sales Tax Consultant Do for Me?

A utility sales tax consultant helps businesses and individuals identify and recover overpayments on utility bills such as electric, natural gas, and others. They can help you to bypass any strict regulations that may bar your qualification for sales tax exemptions and help you to save a lot of money in the long run.

If you feel that you have been overpaying on your utility sales tax, a good place to start is to have a consultation with a utility sales tax consultant. During this initial consultation, you and the consultant will go over the process and what it details. Most utility sales tax consultants will include the following with their services:

• Facility diagnosis: This part of the process takes into consideration the usage that may be exempt, the possible refund amount, and whether there are any future savings. The main motivation of the facility diagnosis is to determine if utility sales tax consultation services are worth the client’s investment. The diagnosis will also outline the consultation services plans for recovering funds.

• Facility survey: Nearly all UST projects require the collection of data, which is done with a site visit. This visit is important because it helps provide a clear picture of the company’s utility usage in the building and with the equipment being used.

• Utility study report: This is the report that is given to the company after all data has been collected, reviewed, and analyzed. Within this report will be the exact amount of utility usage that is exempt.

• State filing: If exemptions are deemed allowable, this is the part of the process where the consultant will file an exemption with the state to request a refund for the overages. State filing requirements change frequently, so it’s a good idea to have a consultant on your side that is up to date with the changes.

Utility sales tax exemption requirements and procedures are tricky and complicated. This is why it is important to work with Iowa utility sales tax consultants to make sure you’re getting every exemption your company qualifies to receive.

Mike Dillard & Harkon Ajala Are Full Of $#%&+! (and So Is Their Online Mlm System)

To say I was caught off guard as I read the words on my well rested computer screen is a bigger understatement than saying George W. Bush was slightly unpopular: “You sir, are a worthless piece of (censored) and so is your so-called ‘automated online mlm system.’ Both you and Mike Dillard can go to hell with your bull(censored) promises! Both of your stuff sucks!”

Just a few weeks ago I returned to my businesses after a 4 month vacation I took to find, negotiate (based on the price he was asking for, the seller was undoubtedly smoking meth), buy, and move into a new home with my new wife. Who knew the first email I opened would be laced with four letter words and questioning whether I and my online mlm marketing system were human waste products? Not to mention my guy Mike Dillard. That’s sacriledge.

But that’s what this fine gentleman was saying in his email to my office. I imagine he would have been even more horrified had he been present to witness my reaction: I laughed until tears nearly streamed down my face. ‘Cause I immediately knew exactly why he was failing with a system that had put big deposits in my bank account while I was away fighting with realtors for 4 months.

The simple fact of the matter is he’s a loser. Sorry if that’s too un-P.C. for you, but it’s just the cold, hard truth (hey, compared to the stuff he called me that’s extremely restrained.) He thought an automated online mlm marketing system meant he could plunk down a few $20 dollar bills, read Mike’s book, sign up for my online marketing system, set up 2 weak ass adwords campaigns, then sit back and wait for 20 to 30 people to call him begging to join his home business every day.

As my rather rural computer salesman used to say back when I worked for Circuit City; “That dog won’t hunt.” But of course “…a loser is as a loser does…” so Mr. L-Diddy blamed Mike & me and labled our respective products scams.

Now personlly, I know the stuff in Mike Dillard’s book is golden because I’ve generated thousands of my own leads using it, that’s why I recommended it to dumbass.

My online mlm marketing system he signed up for automates the follow up with your prospects, the signups, pays you upfront income automatically, and even automates duplication in your downline by fully training your new team members on how to use the same system and providing them with a checklist of the only 4 things they need to do daily to duplicate themselves. Hell, you don’t even have to EVER call anybody if you don’t want to. That’s not exactly a bare bones model.

But still you have to add one ingredient: a consistent, small amount of focused and determined effort. Even if Archimedes had gotten a big enough lever to move the world he would’ve had to step up on the end of it.

Picture any network marketing or mlm training tool or online marketing system as a beautiful, new, shiny red Lamborghini. It’s powerful, it’s ultra fast, it has automatic brakes, computers that automate the engine, the stereo, the GPS, and all the other systems in the car so you don’t have to worry about them. But you still have to drive it. If you gas it up, turn the key, then just sit in the drivers seat waiting, it will simply burn through the money you spent on gas then die out. You won’t go anywhere.

You have to drive it.

So the next time you find yourself talking to a prospect for your business who’s peppering you with a bunch of questions about how little they can get away with doing (and still make six figures within the first 7 months) if they join your business or online mlm system, do yourself a favor and tell the loser they don’t fit the qualifications you’re looking for. Then hang up the damn phone.

Save yourself the experience of getting cursed out via email 28 days later. Unless you just need a good laugh.